Alici&Co. is born!

This first issue of Alici&Co. is the start of a publishing venture that combines stories, culture and people, linked by a common theme: canned fish products.
The aim is to guide readers into an often unknown but very fascinating world, with its complexities and its history of tradition and strong identities – such as anchovy fishing, which is still carried out by fishing vessels using lampara nets on “pitch-black nights”, the moonless nights.

It is a journey of exploration in words and images, where we will meet a series of striking personalities such as Chef Giancarlo Morelli, who will tell us about their experiences and achievements.

Not to mention the recipes, travel, reading and trends we find most exciting. It sums up who we are, what we love doing, and research into and respect for the marine environment, which is our environment, as well as news, personal stories and events. It reflects curiosity about the world and its wonders.