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The Sea, Our Commitment | Delicius

We have a great passion: the sea.
We have observed it, admired it and at times feared it

We got to know the sea and its characteristics well over time, and now it has become part of our experience. We tried to pick up the secrets of the sea, respecting its integrity and putting great care and attention on the quality of the work we do.

Old Delicius Tin | Delicius

Delicius was founded in Parma (Italy) back in 1974, the heart of the Italian preserving traditions and Unesco City of Gastronomy.

Heir of a great tradition of production, in order to select the best raw materials, Delicius took on a multi plan strategy that allowed the company to grow in time. Delicius is now present in 5 mediterranean countries with its own structures and personnel.

Dark Nights of Fisherman | Delicius

Anchovies are fished in the so called “notti di scuro” (dark nights), or those nights when the moon is not shining

For our anchovy preserves we only select the Engraulis encrasicholus species. These anchovies swim freely in the Mediterranean sea in big schools of fish. They are fished in the period from April to September, respecting the seabed and its environment. We only process anchovies fished “a lampara”- which is the traditional fishing boat with low impact on the ecosystem.