Dark Nights of Fisherman | Delicius

Anchovies are fished in the so called “notti di scuro” (dark nights), or those nights when the moon is not shining

For our anchovy preserves we only select the Engraulis encrasicholus species. These anchovies swim freely in the Mediterranean sea in big schools of fish. They are fished in the period from April to September, respecting the seabed and its environment. We only process anchovies fished “a lampara”- which is the traditional fishing boat with low impact on the ecosystem.

Salting Process | Delicius

The best anchovies must be processed immediately. They are put to rest in big wooden barrels, covered in layers of salt, within 24 hours from fishing

The more time is given to the salting process, the better the final result. After months, the salted anchovies are then carefully filleted and packed, by hand, in their jars or boxes, covered by a very good olive oil which will protect them for the
coming months

All the various phases of the processing are closely followed and monitored by highly qualified personnel who knows how to make our products unique, thanks to their years of experience


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