Old Delicius Tin | Delicius

Delicius was founded in Parma (Italy) back in 1974, the heart of the Italian preserving traditions and Unesco City of Gastronomy.

Heir of a great tradition of production, in order to select the best raw materials, Delicius took on a multi plan strategy that allowed the company to grow in time. Delicius is now present in 5 mediterranean countries with its own structures and personnel.

Tin Oil Pantelleria Capers | Delicius

Delicius immediately sensed the market’s demands and requirements, and promptly introduced innovative methods which managed to renew the whole market sector, such as the aluminium tin box with the tearable lid and the PANO lid with warranty seal

Loyal to its innovative vocation, Delicius has in recent years brought on important changes and developments, such as the Double Anchovies, the “Rich Taste” Anchovy Paste, the grilled mackerel fillets of the Scomber japonicus refined species, and the latest grilled sardines!


Anchovies DOUBLE


Anchovy Paste

Grilled Mackerels

Grilled Sardines