Smoked mackerel croutons with wild peas soup

Smoked mackerel croutons with wild peas soup
For 4 people
preparation time 1 hour


4 Delicius Mackerel fillets in olive oil
300 g of decorticated wild peas
1 garlic clove
1 laurel leaf
4 shallots
1 glass of dry white wine
Mixed sprouts
4 whole wheat croutons
Extra virgin olive oil


Put the garlic clove in a casserole with the laurel leaf, the wild peas and boil in 3 inches of water. Cook half covered for one hour and add some hot water to maintain the initial quantity. When the wild peas are cooked and soft, add some salt and make them rest for 10 minutes. In the meanwhile cut the shallots in thin slices and pan fry them with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, then add salt, cook for 5 more minutes and blend with white wine until the liquid is reduced.
Remove the laurel leaf and blend the wild peas and the shallots. Continue mixing and add one spoon of extra olive oil to obtain a creamy consistency.
Serve the soup in small bowls. Put the mackerel fillets on the croutons, garnish with the sprouts and serve them on the side of the soup.