Radicchio, artichokes and Delicius anchovies Salad

Radicchio, artichokes and Delicius anchovies Salad
Ingredients for 2 people
Preparation time: 20 minutes


The delicius product

Insalate, 9cm anchovies, with low oil content (75% less than the traditional glass jar). Less waste, best practicality and a maximum of usability of the fillets. 9cm is the perfect size to reinvent the fresh vegetables, cereals, rice or pasta salads!


Delicius Anchovies “9, Insalate”, 6
Artichoke, 1
Puntarelle, 100
Radicchio, 1
Orange, 1
Nuts, 3-4 kernels
Extra virgin olive oil


Remove the external leaves of the artichoke, but them in half and remove the internal tassel, then put in lemon and water to prevent the oxidation, just before serving it, cut them in thin slices and dress it with oil, salt and pepper.

In the meanwhile cut the puntarelle and put them in ice and water, then cut the long side of radicchio leaves in half. Remove the skin of the oranges and cut them in thin slices, then dress the puntarelle with oil, salt, pepper and vinegar and, using a mould, create the base with the puntarelle and add some thin oranges.

Proceed adding some radicchio, then more oranges and complete with the artichokes and some nuts. Finally add the Delicius Anchovies “9, Insalate”.