Delicius anchovies pettole

Delicius anchovies pettole

Ingredients for 5 people
Preparation time: 50 minutes
+ 4 hours for the leavening
Difficulty: Easy


• Flour, 400g;
• Warm water, 320g;
• Brewer’s yeast, 3g;
• Salt, 10g;
• Delicius anchovies fillets, 90g;
• Basil, 15g;
• Black olives, 50g;
• Seeds oil.


• Sift the flour in a bowl and add the brewer’s yeast;
• Add some warm water and melt it;
• Start working the dough with your hands, adding water;
• Add salt just before finishing the water and work the dough until sticky and smooth;
• Let it rest for 3 hours;
• After that time, cut with a knife the Delicius anchovies, with basil, black olives and mix them with the dough;
• Mix the ingredients and let the dough leaven for another hour;
• Cook the seed oil and once hot fry the pettole.