Potatoes with Spicy Anchovies

Ingredients for 4 people
Preparation Time: 40 minutes


Anchovy Fillets in Spicy Sauce 50g
Open our signature tin box of Delicius anchovies in spicy sauce and discover a unique and appetising new taste. All the experience and the wise practice of entire generations has brought to the creation of a secret recipe for this special and tasty sauce. A product of extremely high quality, an explosive pleasure, which you will learn to love. A family secret that has never been revealed!

Anchovy Fillets Spicy Sauce 50g Tinned Anchovies | Delicius


12 Delicius rolled anchovy fillets in spicy sauce
12 organic small new potatoes
Rock salt


Wash the 12 small new potatoes (choose them organic so that you can keep the skin). Boil them in salted hot water until they are soft, then drain them and let them cool.
Then place them again in the pot, but this time on top of a thick layer of rock salt (half a finger in thickness more or less), then cover them and cook for another 20 minutes with low heat, turning them every once in a while.
Remove them from the salt and clean them, then place them on a serving plate and in each one carve a tiny hole. Place in this hole a little bit of butter and a rolled anchovy fillet in spicy sauce. Serve the potatoes hot and with the remaining spicy sauce of the tinned anchovies on top.