Interview with Sonia Paladini

A food and Lifestyle blogger, she is a cooking enthusiast and devotee of healthy living. She has always had a great love for food and the ingredients used to prepare it.

There is no denying that, whatever dish you are preparing, it tastes much better if you prepare it with seasonal ingredients.

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I like to remind my daughters of a phrase that was often repeated to me at home: “We learn how to eat well, more than how to cook better”.

We learn how to eat well,
more than how to cook better.

It’s not just a recipe book, is it?

No, it’s not. This is also a book of memories, of a simple and wholesome life: holidays
in the Parma countryside brought me closer to nature and traditions from an early
age. In the book I also talk about my work as a content creator with my husband
Stefano, a former chef, and the care I take in choosing the seasonal foods we cook.

It’s designed for all cooking enthusiasts, but also for those who want to experiment
with tasty traditional recipes that are easy to make while respecting the seasonality of
food! VOLERSI BENE IN CUCINA is a book to keep “in the kitchen”, always at hand.

How did you manage to bring the simplicity of your cooking into dialogue with the world of social media, which is always looking for something new?

I’ve always tried to be myself, showing my community who I am, without any pretence.
I’m attentive to the new things that the social media world offers and adapt my content to new formats, always maintaining my mood, keeping myself up to date with photography, editing and video making courses. I personally respond to the messages and questions I receive on my channels because I feel it’s important to create a solid and trusting network with those who have been lovingly following me for years.


by Sonia Paladini, 2021
New-Book Editions, EUR 20.80.