Cacio, pepper and anchovies spaghettoni

Cacio, pepper and anchovies spaghettoni
Ingredients for 2 people
Preparation time: 20 minutes


In padella, 7cm anchovies, with low oil content (75% less than the traditional glass jar). Less waste, best practicality and a maximum of usability of the fillets. 7cm is the perfect size to melt in the pan with vegetables or for special sauces!


Spaghettoni pasta, 200 g
Pecorino cheese, 90 g
Parmesan cheese, 20 g
Black pepper in grains
Lemon zest
Delicius “In padella” – 7cm anchovies, 4


Press the black pepper grains in a mortar, then part the bigger parts from the smaller ones with a sieve, and, in the meanwhile, cook the pasta in salted boiling water.
Grate the two cheeses and put them in the mixer with half of small parts of the pepper, 4 Delicius “In padella” – 7cm anchovies, some oil, and a ladleful of the water from the pasta, then mix until creamy.
Pour the cream in a pan and add the pasta, keep it not totally cooked and complete the cooking in the pan.
Finally add the lemon zest and plate as a nest, decorate with a Delicius anchovy, the bigger parts of the pepper and a little lemon zest.