Aubergines and Delicius mackerel fillets Orecchiette

Recipe by Cotto al dente


6 Aubergines
12/15 Dried tomatoes in oil 
1 pack of Delicius mackerel fillets in olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil
2 spoons of olives taggiasche
1 onion


Cut the onion and cook it in the pan with 4 spoons of oil. In the meanwhile cut the aubergines in round shapes, add the onion and the rosemary and cook for 3/4 minutes.
Then add the cut tomatoes and the olives and cook for 2 other minutes, then add the Delicius mackerel fillet in olive oil and cook for another minute.
In the meanwhile boil in salted water for 3 minutes less than the time written in the pack.
Drain the orecchiette keeping the boiling water aside.
Mix the orecchiette and the sauce and add the cooking water.
Plate adding the aubergines and complete with some minced rosemary.