Delicius at the Gastronomic September in Parma

Delicius will participate as a partner at the Gastronomic September in Parma, that will take place from the 1st to the 30th September.
Food will be protagonist for a month in the city and province with a culinary and experiential path that involves the excellence of the territory.
Many events designed to discover the culinary excellence directly where they are born, to know the production chains visiting the production factories with guided tours and experience the city in a different way, discovering hidden places and tasting a dinner in an unusual location.
An event dedicated to the production chains of pasta, tomato, Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano, dairy and fishing products.

Between the many events that will take place, Delicius will be part of the Dinner of the Thousands of the 4th September and of the Show cooking of the 6th at 8 pm with the chef Maria Amalia Anedda.

Dinner of the Thousands

On 4 September La Cena dei Mille, a special appointment in Piazza Garibaldi, will be the official opening of the Gastronomic September.

A dinner dedicated to the gastronomic excellences of the territory reinvented by the skilful hands of the chefs. A thousand people seated along the ancient Via Emilia (from Piazza Garibaldi to Strada Repubblica) at a long social table.

Carlo Cracco, guest-chef, together with Massimo Spigaroli, the chefs of Parma Quality Restaurant and the Emilian team of Chef to Chef, will create a special menu to worthily represent the production chains of the territory. The city of Parma and the stars of gastronomy will be once again side by side. Part of the revenues will be given to Emporio Solidale di Parma.

The first dish to open the “Dinner of the Thousand” will be a parmisan revisitation of a classic of the Andalusian cuisine, the gazpacho: the “Gazpacho alla Parmigiana”, a fresh and perfect summer entrée, with season vegetables at zero km, accompanied by a tosone cannolo stuffed with ricotta and anchovies. A dish that brings together the new trends of lightness, colour, flavor, result of a studied mix of ingredients.
The most awaited dish of the “Cena dei Mille” is definitely the main course, which aims to become, in the future, a “new classic” of the Parma cuisine: “Lo Scrigno di Parma”, a sheet of pasta filled with tomato ravioli, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and a caciotta fondue from Vacca Rossa di Urzano. Starting from the evening of the event, the “Scrigno di Parma” will permanently enter the menu of the restaurants associated with Parma Quality Restaurants.
“Homage to Bargnocla” (puppet character representative of the Parma of Oltretorrente, the popular and authentic heart of the ducal city) is instead the name of the second course: a confit goose leg, crispy Parma Ham PDO and vegetable millefeuille .
Great closure with the dessert studied by Carlo Cracco: a delight still guarded with great reserve. We only know that the star chef will propose “A sweet memory of Parma”, a creation inspired by Parma and its culinary tradition.