This year Delicius has decided to celebrate Christmas in an unusual way!
We believe that there is no better time than Christmas to express our feelings, live our passions and release creativity.
How? Why not throughout Food and Decorations; this time of the year these two aspects become the way to transmit such feelings and create unforgettable moments with people we care about and love.
Delicius has thought about three main themes to bring about a merry holiday season: Living, Creativity and Gourmet.

We will make the atmosphere around you simply Unconventional! Are you curious to know more? There will be unique moments where Delicius will sit you around creative tables and you will breathe in the  festive atmosphere with warmth and authenticity. There will be recipes with colors and special combinations that will guide your senses in the kitchen. There will also be art and creativity that will tell you about our products in innovative and peculiar ways. And finally, our explosive videos will get you inevitably hungry and in love with our new recipes.

Unconventional Holidays for Delicius is a way to surprise you and allow you to celebrate this Christmas truly.

From November 30th you will find us on the Corriere della Sera Food Issue Рwith great  recipes with our Double anchovies and our anchovies in spicy sauce. We will continue this journey with a series of contents developed in collaboration with excellent food bloggers from all around the world and many more ideas to share with you. .

Stay tuned and happy #UncoventionalHolidays to everyone!