Choosing organic foods is a conscious and sustainable choice, an effective choice for your own well-being and the entire ecosystem. Consuming the so-called “BIO” food means living by decreasing chemicals, respecting the earth, nourishing ourselves in a healthy and balanced way and thinking of the future of our planet.

Delicius, in line with its mission, wants to offer you the BIO line to guarantee the best preserved anchovies in organic oil. When you choose the Delicius anchovy fillets in organic extra virgin olive oil, you will find the best quality anchovy fillets, enriched by olive oil obtained from natural cultivation, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Famiglia Bio | Delicius

Here are some of the main reasons that will clarify why “going-organic” is a good habit for yourself and for the environment:

Tasty and Healthy Products: The amount of nutrients present (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients) are far superior to conventionally cultivated foods. Well-cultivated soils make plants grow strong and healthy, producing more tasty fruits. Foods that grown under organic and non-conventional organic farming have a significantly lower level of chemicals and carcinogens.

Respect for the Plants and Soil: Biologically grown plants develop immune defenses autonomously and are aided in growth only with organic fertilizers, in the absence of total pesticides, herbicides and chemical pesticides. Cultivation rotation practices are followed, promoting natural rest and restoration of nutrients useful to plants for their growth. A virtuous circle is created that allows the ecosystem to grow in harmony, and to preserve the biodiversity of all species.

Reduces pollution: Bio farming protects our water and soil. Certified organic farming practices do not allow the use of toxic chemicals, requiring responsible management of soil and biodiversity.
Both the farmer and the final consumer benefit from this. By supporting the KM-0 we help the growers of the territory we live in and preserve the environment at the same time. The absence of use of chemicals such as pesticides translates into nutrition for those who are nourished. The distinctive differences between organic and conventional products reflect a setting that seeks to ensure the genuineness of organic foods while maintaining a wide range of products.

Absence of hormones, antibiotics and medicines: Meat and dairy products from conventional breeds are the highest-risk foods for the contamination of harmful substances. Antibiotics, drugs and growth hormones pass directly into both meat and dairy products. The choice of organic products is very important, especially for children and pregnant women.

So if you want to embrace this healthier way of living, choose our Delicius high quality anchovy fillets in organic extra virgin olive oil: the taste you love added to the support for the environment and for yourself.