Delicius XXL – Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea


An elegant package that contains the best anchovy fillets fished in the Cantabrian Sea. Each order includes three Delicius XXL 40 g pack.

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Delicius presents the new XXL “Extralarge Anchovies fished in the Cantabrian Sea”: an elegant package contains the great fillets of exquisite anchovies coming from the famous sea area in the north of Spain.

The prestigious fillets from the Cantabrian Sea (Engraulis encrasicholus) are considered the best in the world for their flesh and their slightly sweet tasty, perfectly balanced with a salting procedure that is never excessive and an outstanding aromatic combination.

This year Delicius offers an exceptional product for those who wish to make a different, high quality Christmas gift. The large size of each fillet – the unit weight is nearly twice the amount of a regular fillet, thus making these worth being called XXL – and their perfect balance in salt and aging, will surprise the most demanding foodies.

The Delicius XXL Anchovies are a Limited Edition and Single Origin: they are fished in the same area of the sea and in specific months during the year, and this is a guarantee of the high quality of the product.

From April to June the anchovies move towards the coasts after having passed the winter season in the depths of the ocean; and not having eaten for months, their body fat is inferior to a regular anchovy, meaning that a lower salting process is required.

This is the reason why the taste of these fillets results more intense and pleasant.

Shipping only available in Italy