Today we know more about the fragility of our planet and we think it is our responsibility to educate the new generations in knowledge, firmly believing that it is only through our choices, as businesses, citizens and consumers, that we can find a way to truly change the way things are. This is how the project “Illustrate the present, let’s think about the future” was born, promoted by Delicius in collaboration with Worldrise Onlus and enthusiastically embraced by the Art School Toschi of Parma. The aim of the contest was to make students aware of the themes relating to safeguarding the marine ecosystem, illustrating to them the fast-changing nature of the environment and the impact of our individual choices: from separate waste collection to the choice of recyclable packaging, to the dangers of an irresponsible use of plastic – especially single-use one. What emerged was a work of great artistic maturity and delicate sensitivity. In order to give voice and space to the teens’ proposals, Delicius collected these works in a white paper, so that this appeal would not go unheard but would become a manifesto for the protection of the sea. The awareness-raising activity then continued in Marina di Ravenna for a day of beach clean-up. The objective was to make people feel the relevance of the issues discussed, trying to stir consciences so that they would mature a sincere conviction that a complex problem can be matched by tangible actions aimed at promoting change.