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Rolled Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil 100g Superior

Fish Product
Type Of Preserve
In olive oil
Storage Conditions
Room Temperature
Shelf Life
18 months


It might be because of the selection process which is carried out by hand. It might be because they are bigger. It might be because they are so plump, pink and with that scent that reminds us of the sea.
One thing is certain though: nobody can remain unaffected when meeting the “Superior” Anchovies. Our biggest anchovies, sourced from only the highest quality fish, skilfully salted and let to rest for months and months in barrels. Carefully cured, filleted and packed by hand, with the same care and love that has distinguished our work over the years. A unique selection that guarantees excellent taste to your cooking and dining.
Find them already rolled for a perfect addition to croutons and canapés, a quick appetiser that will not go unnoticed.