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Mackerel Fillets in Extravirgin Organic Oil 90g

Fish Product
Type Of Preserve
In extravirgin organic oil
Storage Conditions
Room Temperature
Shelf Life
5 years


Doing good to our planet and to ourselves can start from the purchasing choices we make at the supermarket.
Mackerel is very rich in Omega 3, essential nutrients that are very important for the cardiovascular system as they are significantly active in fighting triglycerides.
Discover our mackerel fillets in organic extra virgin olive oil: our classic premium mackerel fish fillets with the addition of the whole olive oil obtained from natural cultivation, without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. From the separated pressing to the conservation, this oil follows all the norms and regulations of the organic certification. 
Discover the mackerel fillets and enjoy the taste of healthy and delicate fish.