Limited edition



 XXL Delicius Anchovies are caught in that part of the sea between Galician coast (Spain) and Adour’s estuary, called Cantabrian sea. In those waters lives this selected anchovy, particularly appreciated of the fillets size and for the intense taste. We use only the Engraulis encrasicholus species and for this selection Delicius chooses only the anchovies caught from June to April, in order to guarantee the best product in terms of texture, compactness and sweetness of the fillets.


The idea is that of creating an innovative and different gift idea for food lovers. The gift box is a proper guide to the characteristics of a good anchovy; a journey that explains the careful fishing methods and the hand processed steps of production, as well as a creative collection of recipes that suggest new ways to use anchovies in cooking.The Delicius Gift Box is numbered and contains  four jars of 45g Delicius Double anchovy fillets in olive oil, with Pantelleria capers, with Provence herbs and with the spicy chilli pepper from Campania.