Delicius soon realised that the best understanding of the phenomena that threaten the oceans and the search for credible solutions can only be achieved through a shared debate. This is why BE BLUE – The Sea Conference was launched by Delicius in 2022, a table of analysis and proposals where representatives from Industry, FMCG, Academia and the Protection of the Marine Ecosystem meet. Among the topics that attracted the greatest interest was the project “RE-fished, from the illegal market to the solidarity market” promoted and launched in 2019 in Sicily by Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus and Intesa San Paolo. An initiative that brings together the fight against illegality and waste with support for organisations that shelter people in need, initiating a virtuous cycle of recovery and solidarity. A wide range of players, both public and private, are involved in this project, making it possible to achieve important impact objectives, developing a new recovery model that reduces food waste and supports the local economy, promoting respect for legality and safeguarding the environment. In 2023 37,765 kg of fish product was recovered and distributed thanks to this project, an extraordinary result if we consider that 8,294 kg of product was recovered in the first year of the project (2019). To date, 114,640 kg of fish have been recovered and distributed in the 5 years of project implementation.