Trofiette with Delicius anchovies pesto and capers

Trofiette with Delicius anchovies pesto and capers

Ingredients for 2 people
Preparation time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy


• Garlic, ½ boiled clove;
• Almonds, 1 spoon;
• Delicius anchovies with capers, 2;
• Olives taggiasche, 8;
• Basil, 15 g;
• Salt;
• Grana Padano 16 months (grated),20 g;
• Extra virgin olive oil, 15 g;
• Grated bread;
• Dry tomatoes, 4;
• Trofiette pasta, 200 g.



• Mix the garlic and the almonds until they become a compact mix;
• Add the Delicius Anchovies with capers and mix it together and put it in a bowl;
• Put the basil leaves and the salt in the mixer, and crush it until soft;
• When the basil starts releasing its water add the other ingredients, the grana padano and the oil;
• Season the pasta with the pesto mix, then serve with grated bread and some dried tomatoes.